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Uruguay, cattle country. Uruguay is one of the leading meat producers of the world. Cattle are raised opencast in natural conditions, in a mild climate, fertile lands with an abundance of water generated in its many rivers and streams, ensuring animal welfare. The meat category is source of work for many people. Livestock producers and meat processing industry as well as the whole structure of export and marketing , are employment generators. Uruguay  produce 550 thousand tons of beef meat per year. 180 000 ton for internal consumption and 370,000 ton to be exported all over the world.  Meat is exported to more than 100 countries and represents a quarter of total good exports from Uruguay.  To achieve these objectives, our country has designed the best livestock Information systems of the world: Traceability + Electronic Information System of Meat Industry. The technology investment was made in a very specific sense : learn more about natural cycles and learn more and more to follow them. For this purpose are being used tools from the Information Society. This achivements in addition to the health status attained by Uruguay 's product quality, have enhanced the Uruguayan meat in very demanded markets. NATURAL CERTIFIED MEAT IN URUGUAY URUGUAYAN HEREFORD BEEF MEAT URUGUAYAN ANGUS BEEF ,MEAT CERTIFIED ORGANIC MEAT
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